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“RFI” has a well-devised quality control department, which includes latest techniques and machines for quality and state of art.


Your one-stop source for high-quality, reliable, and efficient fastening solutions, meeting all your industrial and construction needs.


A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializing in producing top-quality fasteners for various industries, ensuring durability and precision.

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Who we are

We are Renowned Fasteners Manufacturers in India

RFI is a renowned name in manufacturing and exports of Cold Forged Bolts & Nuts for Heavy Engineering Industries in Ludhiana, The Industrial Hub of Punjab. The inception of the company dates back to 1964 when LATE RESHAM SINGH laid the foundation of the company. Presently the company is situated at Mittal Dharam Kanda Lane, Industrial Area-C, Dhandari Kalan, G.T. Road, Ludhiana – 141010.

Years of Experience
PGCIL and Government Utilities
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Reasons to choose RFI

Our 59 years of expertise in this sector have equipped us with the knowledge and the infrastructure necessary to supply fasteners fulfilling a wide range of requirements.

Professional Service

Excellent quality, terrific lead times, and highly responsive customer service. All at Fastener World.

Timely Delivery

Fastener World provides on-time delivery irrespective of any obstacles.

Quality Is Key

One of the best quality control departments with strict process control.

Competitive Price

Fastener World’s prices are highly competitive and affordable for all scales of industry.

R&D Team

With over 59 years of experience, we are one of the leading supplier of fasteners with a strong R&D department

Cross Functional Team

Healthy connectivity between different team members is paramount for a perfect business which is Fastener World’s #1 principle

Quality products and customer service are the cornerstones of our business!

Quality Always First

RFI Fasteners is committed to total customer satisfaction by providing products with specifications mutually acceptable and agreed upon with continual improvement in all the activities of the organization. We shall achieve employees’ satisfaction by creating a better working environment, proper training and motivation. Below are Testing & Inspections:

Industries We Serve

We proudly serve a wide spectrum of industries, providing tailored fastening solutions that enhance performance and reliability across various sectors.

Transmission Line Fasteners

Reliable and durable solutions for securing power transmission lines, ensuring safety and stability in critical infrastructure.

Heavy Engineering Industries

Pioneering precision and innovation in the manufacturing sector, delivering robust solutions for complex engineering challenges and applications.

Road Crash Guard Barrier Fasteners

Ensuring the integrity and safety of road barriers with dependable and secure fastening solutions for transportation infrastructure.

Wind Mills Fasteners

Essential components for wind energy generation, providing secure and reliable connections in the renewable energy sector.

62+ Years

Experience In Fasteners

With over 59 years of dedicated experience, we are your trusted partner in the fastener industry, delivering excellence and reliability.

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